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About Us

We are a family owned business that has been providing unique snack foods for decades. Each of the three generations involved in the company strive to provide consistent, quality products for our customers. Since the inception of the Blisnacks product line, it has become a favorite both in US and Canada.

Thanks to the natural goodness and fresh unique flavors, we have been extremely successful in marketing our BlisnacksĀ® brand in Indian grocery stores as well as other upscale supermarkets in Canada and the United States. With a penchant for trying out something innovative and different, Blisnacks was the first to provide professionally packaged banana (plantain) chips for Indian market in North America. This ensured our customers to know they were going to get fresh consistent flavors in every bag they purchased.

Our goal is to provide the same quality and consistency in our new venture being launched in India. We have made a commitment to direct the profits earned from sales within the country, to be invested back in to the country of India. Profits will be used to fund social causes such as education, healthcare and care of orphans. Know that every bag you purchase will be used to impact lives.

We are always open to hear from our customers. Contact is via email, facebook, or twitter.

Blissfully delicious, one bite and you will agree with us that these are Snacks You Just Can't Stop Eating.

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